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Wed 18 Oct - Dolphins Football Competition

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‘Inspiring our children to be inquisitive learners who have a thirst for understanding the world

around them’.

The Science coordinator is Mrs Peart.  We work with the Ledger schools and Brayton High school to enhance the Science curriculum and ensure smooth transition for KS3.  

At Kirk Smeaton, we believe that children are Scientists from their very first day at school. 

Science is about the world around us.  It is about observing, researching, questioning, explaining, understanding, learning, thinking about and changing our world.  It is about being inquisitive, active learners who realise that we all play a part in understanding, caring for and making changes to the world around us for today and for future generations.

Science should not be confined to textbooks and laboratories.  Science is about every child, every subject, every day. 

It is for this reason, that at Kirk Smeaton, Science is not only taught as a discreet core subject, where children (and adults) work together to develop their conceptual understanding through Science based topics – but about embedding working scientifically and scientific enquiry skills in a cross-curricular manner wherever and whenever possible.

At Kirk Smeaton, we provide children with a Science curriculum that enables them to explore and discover the world around them. To accomplish this, we aim to provide lessons rooted in scientific enquiry with practical hands-on experiences that encourage a deeper understanding and curiosity with questioning. We believe it is vital to promote and develop transferrable skills such as observation, communication and team work to evolve the whole child as a lifelong learner. Our objective is to provide lessons which consolidate prior knowledge, encourage deeper understanding and that are rooted in scientific vocabulary.

Science is delivered discreetly, through topics for 1-2 hours each week.  This is where children develop their knowledge and understanding about Scientific concepts.  Science is also delivered through all of our learning everyday.  It feeds into Maths, English, DT, Art, PE – almost every subject covered in school.  It takes us outdoors and takes us to other countries, continents and even to outer space!


Links to Useful Websites


Intent Document

Long Term Overview

Topic Progression

Working Scientifically - Progression and Year Group Posters

Science Policy

Science Books


Topic Overviews
Year 1 & 2 Year 3 & 4 Year 5 & 6



Vocabulary Progression
KS1 Poster Lower KS2 Poster  Upper KS2 Poster 
Year 1  Plants Seasonal Changes 
Everyday Materials Animals 
Year 2
Animals Living Things 
Plants  Everyday Materials
Year 3  Animals     Forces 
Light Plants
Year 4 Animals Electricity
Living Things Sound
States of Matter  
Year 5 Animals Earth & Space
Forces Living Things
Year 6 Light Electricity
Animals Living Things