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School closed until further notice.





The DfE have launched a helpline to answer your questions about COVID-19 in relation to education. You can contact them on:

Phone: 0800 046 8687


Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday)


If your child leaves school unsupervised, please ensure you complete this form.


If your child is due to start Reception in September 2020, please read the letter below regarding your application.

September 2020 Admissions


Please make sure all children have their PE kits on Wednesdays and the below;

Dolphins - Fri

Lions - Tue, Thu

Eagles - Mon, Fri


 Information regarding our current Y6's applying for secondary schools can be found here.


Information from our Healthy Child Team for our Year 6 pupils can be found below.


Info Leaflet










1.4.20 Child protection document

Child protection document has been updated in light of COVID-19. Click here to view the document.


March 2020 DFE

DFE Helpline has been launched to answer your questions about COVID-19 in relation to education. You can contact them on:

Phone: 0800 046 8687


Opening Hours: 8am to 6pm


Letter 26th March 2020

Dear Parents and Children,  

I hope you're all well and keeping safe. 

This week has been a real rollercoaster and there are a lot of questions to ask and think about.  I hope that with the rapid response of the government, we can slow the pandemic down and with prayers and a positive attitude we get back to some normality soon.

Each teacher has written a note for your child/ren.  We are all missing them and hope that this message is welcomed.  Please see the messages attached to this email.

I would like to say a huge thank you for your patience and consideration during this time.  I understand the implications of juggling work and home schooling.  We are using our facebook page to send links for additional learning opportunities (a full list of online resources can be found on the school website- student zone), where children can work independently, so parents can get some well-deserved ‘time out’ (AKA work!).  

We are also asking parents to send us a diary of their day, this is to support each other and these will be posted on our facebook page. We would love to hear about all the things that have gone well, but also the stories that will make us laugh too.  Please encourage your children to write a diary also, we would love to hear about their day

I have put together some questions and answers, in an offering to support you all.   



I have to work and look after my child/ren too, how?

I would suggest that you focus on what you can do.  Set a timetable for what you need to do and also what the children need.  I appreciate working from home with young children is hard, sometimes impossible, so don't set yourself too many aims for the day.   Prioritise the main bits and allow your child/ren play in the garden or on play educational games on their tablets.  

If you your partner is a keyworker and you are left alone, it might be worth setting a timetable for childcare.  For example 6-8am Parent A works at home.  8-4 Parent B goes to work.  6-8pm Parents A works at home while parent B puts the children to bed.


How should I home school my child?

Only do what you can realistically fit in.   Ideally, you would do one English task, one Maths task and one topic task per day.  Children will then access PE from Joe Wicks or out in the garden, spelling shed, maths online games, rock stars, art etc.

Also, think about the things that your child needs more time on, for example baking, telling the time, riding a bike, learning to plait hair, playing with lego, sewing, knitting, playing an instrument....  In supporting your child in these activities it may spark an interest and they could become future hobbies and something that you and your child will cherish forever.


How long will this go on for? 

We don't know! All we know is that we have to follow the government guidance to stay in and be safe and hopefully it will be over sooner.  We hope that all children can return to school this academic year and that they will be able to finish this year with their friends and teachers.  We are all excited to get back into a routine and see your smiling faces.


My children are not listening! What do I do?

Positive praise is amazing- you just have to find the smallest thing to praise for and things can get a whole lot better. Plan activities that children will want to take part in i.e.  Easter craft, read their favourite book and paint pictures of characters/scene, use different ways to be creative. 

Try a behaviour chart, make it a positive, allow them to earn points which will enable them to have a daily or weekly treat.


My child is not getting the social interaction they need, what can I do?

Part of school learning is understanding social cues, falling out with friends, rebuilding friendships, saying sorry, caring for each other and many more important lessons. Your child will miss these learning opportunities during this time.  Use things like facetime, zoom and house party to get all your friends together.  Allow the children to entertain themselves together without adults leading the conversation.

Go for a rainbow walk, lots of children and adults are drawing a rainbow and putting it in the window to support one another.

As you see people, make sure you use social distancing, but encourage your child to say hello and ask questions.


How do I explain COVID-19 to my child/ren?

Please see the attachment- Support LA - March 2020.


How can I access more work to do with my child/ren?

Email, the teacher will get a message and they will be able to assist you.  If you are keen to have some support with making a timetable for the day, they will try their best to help.  Please see our facebook page, we are updating this regularly with different ideas for learning. Additional learning can be found on our school website under Student Zone.  Specific work for each class can be found on our website- classes- Choose the class- home learning.


We use REAL PE in school and due to the closures, they have created a website with lots of PE activities that can be done at home.  The website address is


Password: kirksmeato


Do I have to do all the work that has been set? 

There are lots of links, websites and ideas for you to work through.  Take some time to look at them and get a plan together for the week/day.  We do not expect for you to do it all, it is there to help you.


Can I get some feedback from teachers?

Yes, teachers are available to email you.  If you need some feedback, let us know.  You could send a picture of the work you have completed and teachers can give you some next steps for learning.

Please email the work that you have been doing, we can add this to the website to share learning during this time.


I hope this has provided some support in an unknown territory, if you have any questions, please let us know and we will do our very best to support you.

All my best to all our families and I hope that you keep healthy and safe. 

Take care and God bless

Mrs Cuddy


Starfish Letter

Dolphins Letter

Lions Letter

Eagles Letter


Letter 24th March 2020

Following the Government announcement last night and listening to guidance from the Department of Education it is essential we now only look after children of those families whereby both parents, or one parent if single, is a critical worker/key worker.  As difficult as it is and as much as we want to help we now have to follow strict government guidance and make sure as many people as possible 'Stay at Home'. This is to protect each and everyone of us.

Please be honest and ask yourself the questions and email to advise if you now don't need to access the provision to make our decisions easier and to avoid us having to make awkward phone calls.

We appreciate working from home with children around is difficult, we also appreciate there will be financial losses in many families however what we also know is we MUST listen to govenment guidance and help save lives.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Notice 22nd March 2020

For our parents and carers that have requested our childcare provision from tomorrow, we urge you to consider the below in line with the latest guidance, before bringing your child in.


Letter 20th March 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you to the response to the online questionnaire.  It has helped us work out who we can support during this time.  The school has sent out further information to those who have requested support.

During the school closure, we are still available to assist with work.  If there are any issues, please let the school office know by email and this will be shared with the correct members of staff. Our phone line will be open for emergencies only during this time. We aim to reply within the school day, but this depends on duties during the day and availability of staff.

We will be in contact with work, ideas and support during the next two week and we hope to give you updates on when the school will be open to all pupils. Please see our school website for other information.

I hope that you keep safe and well during this period and look forward to seeing you all when normality resumes. 


Take care and God bless,

Mrs Cuddy


Letter 19th March 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

In light of the most recent Government updates, you will be aware that schools have been directed to close after Friday and at this time, the closure is indefinite. However, Kirk Smeaton CE Primary School will remain open to the children of key workers, as requested by the Government. The government is yet to finalise the definition of key worker but has indicated that it includes public sector health workers, police, supermarkets, delivery drivers and workers looking after the vulnerable and elderly.

We have put together a survey in order to gain this information, we would appreciate that all parents complete this by 10am on Friday 20th March. Here is a link to the survey

Please give as much detail as possible and if you are unsure, please email explaining briefly what your job entails and we will try to help where we can.

In addition, any student with an EHCP or access to a social worker is eligible to support. Please notify school if you wish to access this support or have any queries around this by 10am on Friday 20th March.

As ever, your support and understanding is greatly appreciated.

Mrs Cuddy



Letter 18th March 2020

Dear Parents and carers,

I hope that all families are safe and well.

NYCC have provided a website for NYCC schools with current guidance on a range of issues around Covid-19. Please see

Please see the section about school absences. If you are self isolating through illness or medical concerns, then you will not be required to complete work. If you are isolating with no illness or medical concerns, then work needs to be completed to be classed as an authorised absence.

This week, we are open as normal, unless we are forced to close.

Teachers are preparing resources to complete at home for next week, if necessary. You may have been sent these already. In the coming days, teachers will be sending out guidance on how this work is to be used, what the expectations are and how to communicate this with the school.

Rest assured, once we have more information, we will make arrangements and let you know as soon as possible.

Kindest regards and God bless,

Mrs Cuddy


Letter 17th March 2020

Dear Parents,

I hope that you well and healthy. I am emailing with yet another update.

Please see for the most recent updates for schools.

Please take some time to think about those people around you who are elderly or at high risk medically and wherever possible, try and isolate them from physical contact with possible carriers.

At present, we are staying open, we have reduced external visitors and any educational visits have been cancelled.

Kindest regards
God bless,
Mrs Cuddy


Letter 16th March 2020

Dear parents/carers,

I thought it would be helpful to update you on our plans and preparations for any potential disruption to school regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Firstly, we continue to monitor daily updates from the government and external agencies and follow all advice as appropriate. Please ensure you keep updated too. 

We have clear procedures in place to deal with any potential disruption including school closure. We will continue to communicate through email with any updates. Please see the attached risk assessment.

As from today, 16th March, all parents/carers are asked to drop children off at the class door promptly and vacate as fast as possible. If you need to speak with a member of staff please email or ring the school. Children will be asked to wash their hands on entry. We hope you appreciate these measures are to protect children, staff, parents and more importantly those who are vulnerable during this time.

We are reducing the amount of whole school events such as collective worship and whole school playtime. Where possible, face to face meetings will be replaced with phone calls or emails. We are monitoring all trips, events and external visitors to school and making decisions on a case by case basis again following the latest advice from the government.

We are currently reviewing practices for continued learning should we have to close the school for any length of time. If this should occur we will communicate directly with you with further instructions and expectations for learning. In the meantime, please see which lists a range of websites for online learning, should you wish to access additional learning.

If your child is unwell and it is unrelated to Coronavirus (COVID-19) then you should follow the normal absence procedures. If your child or someone who you have been in contact with is displaying symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19) then we ask that you follow up to date government guidance and isolate your child for the full period advised and inform school as soon as possible. If you have queries relating to this, please email or phone us. During this period, if you feel your child is able to undertake some home based learning, please contact school.

Please notify school if your contact details have recently changed, or if any other legal guardian requires school updates, this will ensure that all parties have effective communication. We will email parents regarding each event / trip individually to confirm if it will be going ahead.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Kind regards

Mrs Cuddy


Risk Assessment