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Thursday 9th July - Y6 Leavers Event @ 9:30

Friday 17th July - School Closes

Monday 7th September - Inset Day

Tuesday 8th September - School Opens





The DfE have launched a helpline to answer your questions about COVID-19 in relation to education. You can contact them on:

Phone: 0800 046 8687


Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday)


If your child leaves school unsupervised, please ensure you complete this form.


If your child is due to start Reception in September 2020, please read the letter below regarding your application.

September 2020 Admissions


Please make sure all children have their PE kits on Wednesdays and the below;

Dolphins - Fri

Lions - Tue, Thu

Eagles - Mon, Fri


 Information regarding our current Y6's applying for secondary schools can be found here.


Information from our Healthy Child Team for our Year 6 pupils can be found below.


Info Leaflet











Dear Eagles Letter 

Introduction to Home Learning

Week 1 

Week 2

Additional Resources


Week Commencing 20th April 2020
Planning Measuring Time Capsule Passive Verb Passive Verb Lesson
Comp Questions Comp Text Comp Answers  Arithmetic  Arithmetic Answers


Week Commencing 27th April 2020
Planning Puzzle Rainforest Mapping Arithmetic Antonyms Test
Antonyms Lesson Synonyms Lesson Comp Booklet Comp Answers Comp Mark Scheme
Area & Perimeter Investigation Area & Perimeter Answers Area & Perimeter House Art 1 Art 2
Art 3 Art 4 Art 5 Art 6 Art 7


Letter from Mrs Holmes 19th April


Week Commencing 4th May 2020
Planning Finding Percentages Puzzle Number 2
5 on the Clock Rainforest Information Y6 arithmetic
Y6 Reasoning & Problem Solving    


Week Commencing 11th May 2020
Planning Break The Code Arithmetic
Stories of Christianity  Stories of Christianity Work  


Week Commencing 18th May 2020
Planning Arithmetic Paper 1 Challenge Arithmetic
Comic Writing Frames Decimals Challenge Comic Strip Features
Mask Hero Multiplying Decimals Equivalents
Salt Dough Sealed Solution Stan Lee and Marvel
Stories Slides Stories Work Comprehension
Fact Sheet Template Word Problems 1
Word Problems Challenge 1 Word Problems Challenge 2 Answers


Week Commencing 1st June 2020
Planning Brain Teasers Spy Codes
Maths Paper 1 Maths Paper 2 Finding The Mean
Comprehension Story  Colouring Sheets
Writing Frames    


Week Commencing 8th June 2020
Planning Dream Catchers Connect Four
Triangle Areas SATs Practice Cubes Investigation
Quadrilaterals Five and It Relative Clauses 1
Relative Clauses 2 Exploring Europe Bingo
Word Search French Family 1 French Family 2
Five and It Part 2 Flextangle Instructions Plants Flextangle
Rainforest Felxtangle Egyptian Flextangle Blank Flextangle
Animal Flextangle    


Week Commencing 15th June 2020
Planning Maths Planning Harry Potter
Modal Verbs & Adverbs Formation of Words 1 Formation of Words 2
Pentecost Pentecost Worksheet Line Graphs
Substitution Should Homework Be Banned Reasoning
Line Graphs Answers Substitution Answers Find A Rule 1 
Find A Rule 1 Answers Find A Rule 2  Find A Rule 2 Answers
Crossword Wordsearch Writing Sheet
Planning Frame    


Week Commencing 22nd June 2020
Planning Harry Potter PHSE
Comprehension Direct and Indirect Speech 1 Direct and Indirect Speech 2
French Clothes 1 French Clothes 2 Word Search


Week Commencing 29th June 2020
Planning Semi Colons Colons and Semi Colons
Harry Potter French Food 1 French Food 2
French Food 3